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Quotes & Wisdom below are my favvy quotes...Mind to share with you all...
 I Love Quotes and Wisdom... 

You dont know what happiness until you've experienced extreme pain,
You dont know what joy is until you've experienced extreme saddness,
But one thing you dont need to experince to see it is love...(BOW) 

Belajarlah dari kesilapan lalu kemudian mengambil iktibar dari perkara-perkara yang berlaku di sekelilingmu agar engkau sentiasa beringat bahawa segala yang kamu lakukan terhadap orang lain suatu masa nanti akan berlaku terhadap dirimu. (myrafizahjaja)

The most painfullest thing isn't getting slashed in every way can be, nor is being cut everywhere by an enemy, but the most painfullest thing is: 
to be betrayed, 
to be hated by the ones you deemed worthy to love, 
the ones you accepted, 
the ones you use to call a family. (BOW) 

Why to BLAME any one in our LIFE.
Good Person gives us ‘HAPPINESS’.
Bad Person gives us ‘EXPERIENCE’.
Worst Person gives us ‘A LESSON’...(BOW)

Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. 
Every event, every happening, means something. 
It’s called destiny, and it isn’t predetermined but rather chosen. 
You can choose to follow destiny when you choose to follow your heart. (BOW)

God will lead you to the wrong one before he shows you the right one. 
Everything will be fine at the right time. (BOW)

It doesnt take a reason to love someone. 
It takes a reason to like someone. 
You almost have to force yourself to like someone. 
But to love someone, that is beyond control. (BOW)

Don't rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. 
Only you can be responsible for that. 
If you can't love and respect yourself - no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are - completely; 
the good and the bad - and make changes as YOU see fit - not because you think someone else wants you to be different. (BOW)

I am strong, because I am weak. 
I am beautiful, because I know my flaws. 
I am a lover, because I am a fighter.
I am fearless, because I have been afraid. 
I am wise, because I have been foolish. 
And I can laugh, because I've known sadness... (BOW)

The stronger i try to be,the stronger the pain gets. (BOW)

Behind my smile where friends can't see they don't know what it's like to be me.
I hide my tears, not in vain but of shameful fears and secret pain they wonder why my smile sometimes looks like a frown & at times when I keep quiet, dont eat, or make a sound.
they don't know about my ups and downs,
they don't know that I dont always clown,
but that is how it will always stay never leavin my mind, remaining locked away (BOW)

I rather be poor then wealthy. 
Money ruins you, changes you. 
It's powerful, more than you think. 
But thats not why I would rather be poor it's because even though you have everything money wise, you have nothing love wise. 
Your friends arent your friends, People who love you, love your money. (BOW)

Never give up even if obstacles remain on your path! Just try and retry until you succeed!!! Those obstacles are the seeds that will blossom flowers of success!You're not worth things you don't fight to get!!!(BOW)

Sometimes u got to run away just to see who will follow
sometimes u got to say goodbye just to see who will say hello
life has pleasures and sorrow, so dont take it for granted
before u hurt yourself see whats gunna happen tomorrow..(BOW)

Don't fall for the person that you have everything in common with, that always makes you smile with everything they say, the one you never have an argument with.. because that's fake. Fall for the person you have very little in common with, the person that doesn't agree with everything you say just to make you happy, the person that you have silly little arguments with then laugh about it.. because that's real. (BOW)

you can find "lie" in believe.
there's no "I" in us
i can find "u" in hurt.
you can easily insert "don't" between L and I in the words "I Love You"..(BOW)

what's up with life? i'm figuring out that even love has its loopholes..(BOW)

sometimes, we think fleeing our problems will make them dissapear, 
but the truth is, 
you could never run far enough away to get rid of your problems, 
and the only way to make them dissapear is to face them. 
because in life, there'll never be enough places for you to run, to get away from all your problems. (BOW)

Sometimes i just wish that someone can just look inside me and see what i'm hiding. 
Someone who really cares enough to put some effort.(BOW)

A man wants a woman to appreciate him, 
motivate him, care for him, make him feel good... 
Ladies, treat your man right... 
Just as you want to be treated right...
he'll surely love you. (BOW)

nothing is more PAINFUL in the world then 
realizing that you hurt the one and only person 
who actually understands every little thing about you:( ...(BOW)

As the world turns and days, 
months and years past by, 
many heartbreaks happens along the way. 
One day on one of those turns at the same place and time, 
you'll find yourself in front of that person 
that really cared for you and 
never left the spot you left them at... (BOW)

I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul 
by making me hate him, 
therefore my plan was to forgive and forget, 
forgive myself for being so stupid and 
forget you ever existed...
but if forgiveness is a sign that 
the person who has wronged you means more to you 
than the wrong they have dealt, 
maybe I will accept that I love you enough to 
forgive the unforgivable. (BOW)

I would much rather have people think I'm stupid, 
and shock them, 
than have people think I'm smart, 
and disappoint them.(BOW)

you will not get the happiness that you want 
if you will just do something bad that 
you know will hurt someone's feelings and destroy them.(BOW)

A genius is someone who asks dumb questions 
that nobody else would ask, 
an idiot asks the smart questions 
that have already been answered.(BOW) 

Sometimes I get fed up with everything. 
I just wanna run away somewhere. 
Where I won't get hurt anymore.(BOW)

Something everything will all make perfect scence.
So for now,laugh at the confusion,smile through the tears,and keep reminding youself that eveything happens for a reason.(BOW)

Did I say something stupid?
There goes one more mistake.
Do I bore you with my problems?
Is that why you turn away?
Do you know how hard I've tried To become what you want me to be.
Take me, this is all that I've got. (BOW)

What goes around. Comes around. No matter how much you want to fly. You also need to keep your feet planted on the ground. Because you never know what life has in store for you. And sometimes the best decision of your life
Might turn out to be the worst mistake you ever do. (BOW)

Happily ever afters don't exist because there are always going to be fights and crying; but at the end of the day it brings people closer together to something close to an ending like that.(BOW)

"Take each day in stride, be sure to stop and watch the birds fly by. Maybe stop to smell a flower, try not to be sour. Keep a smile on your face, and if it gets misplaced. Take some time to help others shine and maybe, just maybe you'll find its worth while." (BOW)

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again..(BOW)

~~*BOW stands for Board of Wisdom*~~one of my favvy quote n wisdom website