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01 February 2011


All of these quotes i've grab at BOW!!!

A w0nderfull Life th0ught-

My pain may be the reas0n f0r s0meb0dy's laugh...

But my laugh must never be the reas0n f0r s0meb0dy's pain.

Truth 0f L i f e,

Wh0m y0u d0n't want t0day,

Y0u will need them t0m0rr0w,
Wh0m y0u reject t0day,
Will never accept y0u t0m0rr0w.
Think Twice Act Wise.

In the b00k 0f Life the page yesterday is 0ver,

The page future is blank and, 

The page t0day is being written
S0 write the best y0u can because 0n this b00k eraser d0esn't w0rk.

Good or bad things you've done, it'll come right back to you sooner or later. Watch your action!

A small d0t can st0p a big sentence.

But a few m0re d0ts can give a c0ntinuity...

Amazing but true
Every ending can be a new beginning.

To be the worst of the best is better than to be the best of the worst. 

Never blame a day in y0ur life...

Always remember a g00d day gives y0u happiness...&

A bad day gives y0u experience.!!
S0 enj0y t0day t0m0rr0w everyday.

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